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Sonoma communities vary from big cities to small towns, but regardless of size, all are friendly and close-knit, making them ideal places to raise a family, retire, or just visit for a while. Sonoma townspeople come together for a variety of reasons - from holiday events like Fourth of July celebrations to county-wide festivals that celebrate Sonoma - such as the magnificent wine, organic produce, and excellent seafood you'll find there.

Many organizations are in place to support both the tourist infrastructure and the people and businesses of the towns of Sonoma. From friendly churches, clubs, and community centers to local chambers of commerce, you'll find plenty of reasons to stick around for a while or even to make Sonoma County your home.

Sonoma Chamber of Commerce

Currently, there are more than a dozen Chamber of Commerce organizations in Sonoma. They include Bodega Bay, Cloverdale, Cotati, Forestville, Geyserville, Guerneville, Healdsburg, Monte Rio, Occidental, Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Sonoma, and Windsor. Each town's Chamber of Commerce supports the businesses in the town and helps visitors with their travel itinerary by promoting important places and events.

Most of the chambers of commerce have a website that provides important information about the town; welcoming and guiding visitors to places of interest, promoting tourism, and fostering the cultural and educational interests of the area. A visit to the website will help you do a little advanced planning before you head to Sonoma County, allowing you to plan your trip to include sites and activities that match your interests.

Religious Institutions

The spiritual life of Sonoma County is alive and well as is evident by a large number of churches, synagogues, and other religious organizations in this region of Northern California.

You'll find Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist, Episcopal, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Nazarene, Seventh Day Adventist, Mormon, and United Methodist churches in addition to many non-denominational evangelical congregations. Some of the small communities boast only one church but other choices are just a short drive away. Santa Rosa has the largest number of options.

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Followers of the Jewish religion are the second-largest faith group in Sonoma County and there are 7 synagogues in the county. There is also 1 mosque and 3 Baha'i temples.

Non-Profit Organizations and Clubs

Sonoma County boasts an ever-growing list of non-profit organizations that cater to the needs of community members as well as those outside Sonoma and even worldwide. You'll find a YWCA, health-related organizations, mentor organizations, teen clubs, child advocacy organizations, a humane society, and counseling services, just to name a few. The Volunteer Center for Sonoma County provides important resources for these and other local non-profits.

In Sonoma County, you'll find many of the same clubs that have branches throughout the nation, such as Lions and Elks clubs, dedicated to serving people with special needs throughout the county and elsewhere.

Community Centers

There are a number of community centers located in Sonoma County, particularly in some of the larger cities. You'll find several centers for senior citizens as well as others for people of particular religious persuasions, such as the Jewish Community Center in Santa Rosa.

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